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Nite Clash
board will close at drop of green flag for final segment, (Last 25 laps) this race only edits up to that point.! Saturday February 18 at 7p (central time) GOOD LUCK!!
Discuss it here:
lets talk racing or whatever is on your mind!
Front Row Quals
board closes Sunday February 19 at 2:10pm (central time) ****With Nascar changing the qualifying, looks like maybe all we pick is front row anyway, just take it as it comes along for now and see what they do, if they make changes we will follow***************** remember only pick 1 and 2 front row qualifying on sunday then on thursday you pick 8 3-10 can not use the 2 you picked for sundays front row picks or the 2 that actually won the front row the following rule does not apply to front row qualifying only: this rule: if 2 or more players have exact same picks in exact same order only first player will get scored, others will get zeros for a score and lose 10 points in standings, unless first player shows an edit after time others made their posts GOOD LUCK!!
board closes at 6pm (central time) on Thursday Feb 23 remember can not use the 2 picks you made for last sundays front row qualifying or the 2 that actually won the front row need to pick 8 new drivers for the duels and pay attention to who is in what race as it affects the lineups GOOD LUCK!!
Daytona 500
thread closes Sunday Feb 26 at noon (central time) GOOD LUCK!!
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